Gapyeong Middle School Kim Jeong-ah, Autumn Middle and High Athletics Women’s 800m Gold

Gapyeong Middle School Kim Jung-ah won the second gold medal of the season by winning the gold medal in the women’s middle school 800m at the 52nd Autumn National Middle and High School Athletics Championships.

Under the guidance of coach Kang Kyung-ah, Kim Jung-a beat Kim Hyo-joo (Chungbuk Yeongdong Middle School, 2 minutes 20.38 seconds) and Lee Da-eun (Daegu Wolbae Middle School, 2 minutes 20 seconds 38) with a record of 2 minutes 17 seconds 26 in the women’s middle 800m final on the 4th day of the competition held at Boeun Public Stadium in Chungcheongbuk-do on the 8th. Min 22 sec.

Also, in the men’s middle school 400m relay final, Incheon Namjung won the championship by beating Jeonju Jeonra Middle School (45.57) and Seoul Wolchon Middle School (46.04) in 44.30 seconds. 

In the women’s long jump, Kwon Ga-eun (Incheon Dongbang Middle School) won the gold medal with 5m52, beating Lee Ha-eun (Gwangyang Baekun Middle School, 5m09) and Min Si-eun (Chungbuk Yeongdong Middle School, 5m03).메이저사이트

In addition, in the women’s high school 400m relay, Yangju Deokgye High School finished runner-up with a time of 48:69, behind Gyeongbuk Physical Education High School (48:48) by 0.21 seconds, and Park Eun-seo (Incheon Physical High School) of the women’s high school 3,000m steeplechase event recorded 12:22:98 in Honghae. She placed second after In (Cheonan Ssangyong High School, 12:22:98).

Meanwhile, Incheon Buwon Girls’ Middle School (51.95 seconds) won bronze medals in the same event as South High School’s 400m relay Gyeonggi Physical Education High School (41.98 seconds).

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