1st Place Kim Min-sol “Expect the Asian Games Medal”

Minsol Kim (Sophomore at Suseong Bangtong High School).

It is a name that golf fans should remember. She is a promising player who will lead Korean women’s golf. As an ace of the national team, she signed a contract with Doosan Engineering & Construction early on. At the Asian Games in Hangzhou, which opens on the 23rd of next month, she will wear the Taegeuk mark and win a gold medal. In an interview with Asia Economic Daily on the 14th, Kim Min-sol said, “I’m so excited that the Asian Games are near,” and she said, “She will take responsibility for the remaining time and work on her training.” She continued, “Ever since she was young, her goal was to win a medal in the Asian Games.”

Kim Min-sol is the ace of the national team who is likely to win the gold medal at the Asian Games in Hangzhou next month. “I will do my best to prepare for the Asian Games,” he said.

Minsol Kim was born in 2006. He is a player who has been flying since his amateur days. He won the Jeju Island Jisabae Junior Golf Championship in 2019, and reached the top in the 2022 Blue Wonbae Korea Junior Golf Championship and the Songam Bae Amateur Golf Championship. Last March, she represented Korea at the 4th Augusta National Women’s Amateur, a world-renowned women’s amateur golf tournament. Min-Sol Kim said, “The most memorable time for her was when she went to Augusta,” and she recalled, “It was the tournament that nurtured her dreams as a golfer.”

Kim Min-sol’s specialty is her cool long hit that comes out of her 177cm tall. From her amateur days, she competed in professional competitions and showed off her skills. She made a strong impression last October when she finished 8 under par on her first day at the BMW Ladies Championship on the LPGA Tour held in Korea. Her final result of the tournament is a tie for 10th. In June, she also created a ‘surprise’ in the national title Korea Women’s Open, where she tied for 4th place, the highest amateur result. Min-sol Kim said, “I think there is excitement and tension in professional competitions. After playing in professional competitions, she always seems to have something left to learn.”

Kim Min-sol is famous for her exhilarating long hitters. In the Korean Women’s Open, she averaged 262 yards and a maximum of 335 yards. She is not much different from Sinsil Bang (265 yards), the best long hitter on the KLPGA Tour. “She seems to be averaging 250m (273 yards),” said Minsol Kim. laughed

Kim Min-sol has recently been focusing on her short game and bunker shots. She is investing a lot of time especially in the greens she has. “She is confident in her putting these days,” he said with a smile. Because of Kim Min-sol’s age, she can turn pro next June. He said, “I don’t know when I’ll be able to turn pro, but I want to do it as soon as I’m old enough. I want to be remembered as a player who grows steadily without limits.”먹튀검증

National team ace Kim Min-sol is a long hitter who can average 273 yards as a driver.

Kim Min-sol is working hard to resemble Ko Jin-young, who is ranked second in the world. She has a special bond with her as she shared a room with her during field training last winter. “She asked about the short game and she told me to think a lot around the greens,” she recalled. “Every time she plays a round, she thinks about what she would have done in this situation if she were Jinyoung’s sister,” he said, expressing her respect by saying, “She is my role model.”

Min-sol Kim said she will enter the Asian Games mode on the 13th after finishing her sponsor’s competition, the KLPGA Tour Doosan Engineering & Construction We’ve Championship. She won first place in the national team selection competition, and she proudly wore the Taegeuk mark. Kim Min-sol trains at Daegu CC for three days. Before the Asian Games, she played four tournaments, including the Songam Bae Amateur Golf Championship. He said, “I will do my best to prepare for the Asian Games.”

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