‘Is this the power of Japanese men’s volleyball, ranked 3rd in VNL?’… Panasonic passes KOVO Cup group stage with 3 wins

Is this the power of Japanese men’s volleyball, which ranked third in the 2023 Volleyball Nations League (VNL)? Japan’s Panasonic Panthers, the invitational team for the men’s division of the 20203 KOVO Cup, passed the group stage with three wins.

Panasonic won 3-2 (25-17 25-19 28-30 23-25 ​​15-15-25-19 28-30 23-25 ​​15- 13) won.

With the victory on this day, Panasonic won all three group matches and advances to the semifinals as Group B 1st place. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, who finished second in Group B due to a loss after two consecutive victories, will compete with Korean Air, who ranked first in Group A, for a ticket to the final on the 12th.

The match between the two teams on this day was a match that had already been confirmed with two consecutive wins to advance to the semifinals. Depending on the win or loss, the 1st and 2nd places in the group were divided.

In the first and second sets of the day, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was ahead in attack. In the first set, 39.39%-34.62%, in the second set, 51.72%-45.16%, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance had a high attack success rate of around 5%. But volleyball wasn’t all about offense. Room management is just as important. On this day, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance committed a whopping 19 crimes in the first and second sets alone. It was like giving 9.6 points per set for free. On the other hand, Panasonic had only six rooms. In addition, in the blocking and serve scoring, Panasonic overwhelmed in the 1st and 2nd sets, so it flowed in a 3-0 complete victory atmosphere.

Men’s volleyball Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s Shin Shin-ho and Kim Jeong-ho
The game, which had been tight 12-12 until the beginning of the first set, tilted toward Panasonic in an instant in basic skills such as serve scoring, blocking, and receiving. Panasonic, who got the right to serve through Keitaro Nishikawa’s trick, won the first set when Tarumi Yuga served. Yuga’s serve score, Shin Takahiro’s blocking, and Yuga’s serve were passed as it was, with Kenyu Nakamoto succeeding in a direct kill, widening the score to 16-12 in an instant, and Panasonic took the first set as it was.

The second set also had a similar pattern. With Panasonic leading 7-6, Nakamoto Kenyu’s quick open and Park Seong-jin and Kim Jung-ho’s consecutive attacks resulted in scoring points at once and ran away to 10-6, consolidating the winning spirit. Even after that, Panasonic shook the opponent’s defense with efficient attacks and quick attacks that disturbed the opponent’s blockers, while Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance could not stop further happening, let alone narrow the lead with various mistakes. In the second set, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance could not even win 20 points and had to give it up.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which gave away the victory, needed a reversal of the atmosphere in the third set. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance tied the score 13-13 through the opponent’s mistake and blocking score after being pushed back in the beginning of the set, but after committing a serve mistake and allowing a serve score, they gave up the lead by two points again. In the second half of the set, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance caught up by 1 or 2 points. In the 23-24 match point crisis, Ahn Ji-won kicked off the opponent’s attack, and Shin Shin-ho’s quick open led to a gearco deuce. Afterwards, in a situation where the battle was repeated, Park Seong-jin, a rookie in the second year and a star born from the KOVO Cup, came forward as a solution. Park Seong-jin, who made it 29-28 by successfully opening the opponent’s attack, blocked Takahiko Imamura’s back attack and ended the long deuce match, bringing the third set.메이저사이트

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance director Kim Sang-woo (left), Japan Panasonic director Laurent Tilly.
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which dramatically won the 3rd set and gained momentum, led 8-4 from the beginning of the 4th set, and seemed to easily lead the match to the 5th set. However, volleyball with Panasonic’s solid fundamentals was not easy to lose. Metallurgy metallurgy caught up and became 12-11, and after that, a close battle developed. Even in the 4th set, Park Seong-jin was the solver. In 17-14, Park Seong-jin hit the Panasonic court with a powerful serve, and the serve after Panasonic’s timeout also knocked over the opponent’s receiver and led to another serve score. After that, Panasonic pursued again, but Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance also brought the 4th set with Kim Jun-woo’s quick attack in 24-23. It was no exaggeration to say that Park Seong-jin’s two serves led the game to the 5th set.

The 5th set started with two sets split between each other. The initial momentum was from Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. In a situation where a long rally continued from the first point, after blocking the opponent’s attack and winning the first point, Kim Jeong-ho’s serve score broke out at 2-1 and took a 3-1 lead and took the lead. Panasonic also caught up and the game changed to a close match again. On 13-13, Panasonic, who won the match point with a quick open by Tarumi Yuga, ended the game with Kenyu Nakamoto’s open attack. During the blocking process, Kenyu Nakamoto was found to have hit his chest with a ball hit in his hand. Coach Sang-Woo Kim requested a double contact through video review, but as a result of the review, the match ended as it was.

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