2023 Dasarang Community Cup Good Together LEVEL UP Basketball Tournament held

Middle school players gather and compete in a new way.

Dasarang Community and GOOD TOGETHER, a corporation, announced on the 16th that they would hold the ‘2023 Dasarang Community Cup Good Together LEVEL UP Basketball Tournament’ in which only first- and second-year male middle school players will participate.

The competition will be held at Hogye Middle School Gymnasium from August 19th (Sat) to 20th (Sun), and 9 middle schools, including Hogye Middle School, Gwangshin Middle School, Yangjeong Middle School, Cheonan Seongseong Middle School, Whimoon Middle School, Annam Middle School, Samseon Middle School, Seongnam Middle School, and Hongdae Bu Middle School, will participate and show off their skills. is going to compete with메이저사이트

Unlike other competitions, this competition is a competition that only 1st and 2nd graders can participate, not 3rd graders.

As a result, coaches of each team also participate in the competition evenly among young 1st and 2nd year players, rather than focusing on grades and results, in line with the purpose of the competition, which aims at growth rather than performance.

Last year, the competition was held at Yangjeong Middle School, and Yang Jeong-jung won the championship at the time, beating Whimoon Middle School in the final, and Kang Min-seong, who led the team to victory, was selected as the best player.

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