‘Hwang In-soo sniper’, the Russian team that defeated Yoon Tae-young, ranked first in the road FC national competition sortie

 On the 15th, a video containing the story of Artur Soloviev (29, MFP) of Russia and Max the Body (39, BRAVE GYM) of Cameroon ahead of the semi-finals of the lightweight tournament was released on Road FC’s official YouTube channel. done.

Road FC and LHB Co., Ltd. will hold Goobne ROAD FC 065 (Anyang co-hosted by Choi Hong-joon and Kim Jin) at the Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on August 26th.

Artur Soloviev and Max the Body, who had a ticket to the finals, played a high-profile match in the quarterfinals.

Artur Soloviev landed a punch on Yoon Tae-young (27, Jeju Team Ducking) in 4 minutes and 15 seconds of the first round and won by TKO. It was Yoon Tae-young, who was on a five-fight winning streak at the time, so his TKO shocked Korean martial arts fans.

“Max is physically strong. But that’s just a physical advantage, it doesn’t do anything to hit or fight the ground,” Artur Soloviev warned Max the Body.

Max the Body has been pushing enemies based on its strong body. After winning the quarterfinals, Max the Body is preparing to advance to the finals.먹튀검증

“Solovyev, come prepared well for me and I will show you that I am not just a fighter. I am a real fighter, a real lion. I will never fall,” Max the Body warned Artur Soloviev.

Meanwhile, Goobne ROAD FC 065 will be broadcast live on Spotify from 1:00 pm, and online on Daum Sports, Kakao TV, and Afreeca TV.

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