Moon Jung-hyun, the only basketball shoe wearer, “Doing everything 100% is the youngest role”

Mun Jung-hyun is wearing his own basketball shoes that he receives as a gift from a fan.

On the 15th and 16th, the men’s national basketball team held practice matches against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation at the Daegu Gymnasium. Excluding Laguna, who had not yet joined due to poor physical condition, 11 players worked together to enhance the sense of the game.

The only college student among them, the youngest Moon Jung-hyun’s basketball shoes caught his attention. His own back number 12 and the phrase ‘i believe’ were also emblazoned on it.

Moon Jeong-hyun, who we met before the practice game on the 16th, said, “(The fans) take care of a lot of things, and this time they gave me shoes as a gift.” When you look at Moon Jung-hyun, if he can’t play basketball, he can only see basketball shoes (laughs). Thank you very much,” he said, thanking the fan who gave him his own basketball shoes.

Moon Jeong-hyeon, who boarded the national team with a lot of trust from national team coach Choo Il-seung, said, “All I can say is thank you so much. “When I go to training at night (when I practice shooting), the coach and coach run with their feet and catch the ball. If my shot doesn’t go in, I run away. Even if you’re sorry, your shot success rate goes up. so it increased a lot. The manager, coaches, manager, and even the staff come out at night to help me practice my shooting. Thank you so much.”

Mun Jeong-hyeon is evaluated as a player with the best skills on the college stage. One university coach even said, “Korea University is not scary, but Korea University’s Moon Jeong-hyeon is scary.” Even if Moon Jung-hyun is absent, Korea University is the strongest in the university, but it means that Korea University is even stronger with Moon Jeong-hyun, who plays various roles. However, he is the youngest in the national team.스포츠토토

Moon Jung-hyun said, “If the hyungs are in a bad mood, you have to take the lead by talking first. I think the role of the youngest is to follow what the older brothers do and to do everything 100%.”

The national team is aiming for a gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which will open on the 23rd of next month.

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