Lee Da-hyun, who focused on ‘confidence’, “I can overcome the burden with practice”

“Even if my body breaks down, I will aim for the prize” is Lee Da-hyun’s resolution, which she revealed in a previous interview. Can it be done in this competition?

On the 17th, an open training coverage of the Korean women’s volleyball team was held ahead of the participation in the ‘2023 Asian Women’s Volleyball Championships (Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, August 30-September 6)’ at Jincheon National Training Center.

This event will be held four years after the 2019 Seoul Games. There are 14 participating countries. The host country, Thailand, automatically participates, along with the previous top 10 finishers Korea, Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Iran, Australia, and India, as well as Uzbekistan, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Philippines, and Vietnam, which were selected as regional wildcards. Korea, in Group C, will play Taiwan, Vietnam and Uzbekistan.

Lee Da-hyun, who has established herself as her solid national team main middle blocker, is heading to the international stage for her third year in a row, starting with her last 2021 VNL. Even on the Asian stage, she is in charge of Korea’s midfield along with Lee Joo-ah (Heungkuk Life Insurance), Jeong Ho-young, and Park Eun-jin (KGC Ginseng Corporation).

Standing in front of the reporters, he said, “I was given three weeks after the cup competition, but I am training mainly to make up for my shortcomings and make use of my strengths while watching the video of the VNL match.”

Asked specifically about the weaknesses and strengths. Regarding the strengthening of his weakness, he replied, “I did a lot of training on that part because I couldn’t connect well with blocking and defense after attacking in a counterattack situation.” Regarding the strengths, he added, “The part where I use the middle blocker when the receive is good and connect the setting to the attack after that is good, so I am focusing on that part.”메이저사이트

It is also the first Asian stage for senior players after putting down the Taegeuk mark. Lee Da-hyun focused on ‘sufficient practice’. He emphasized, “Since there are many inexperienced players in big games, I think that part can be a burden, but if enough practice is filled, I think it is possible to overcome it to some extent.”

He continued, “When we faced a taller or powerful country, we had a very difficult game if the serve was not good. I will,” he said clearly.

He is playing the role of a stepping stone within the team by making use of his previous experience on the international stage. I was also able to get a glimpse of his confidence as a next-generation leader.

Lee Da-hyun said, “VNL has a lot of world powerhouses, so we played a lot of losing games, but I think the Asian Championship has a little bit more potential than VNL, even if there is no guarantee of victory.” I think I’ve improved a little in ”, so I’ll face it with some confidence.”

Meanwhile, the Korean women’s volleyball team will sortie for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which will be held from September 23 after completing the 2023 Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship schedule.

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