Training your courage with paragliding… Yang Hyo-jin, a senior in high school who also works as a professional

If you are a golfer who does ‘paragliding’ for courage training, you will think that it is not a poisonous species. Paragliding, which overlooks the world from high mountain terrain, requires strong stamina as well as thrilling adventures. It takes two to three hours to climb a mountain with a specially made parachute weighing 3 to 4 kg that is close to a straight line.

Yang Hyo-jin (16), a first-year student at Namnyeong High School in Jeju, who still has a youthful, fluffy face, laughed, saying, “I heard that Se-ri Pak had shot training in front of the graveyard, so I thought it would be nice to try paragliding. There was nothing like venom in his grin, but when I heard the story of golf, it seemed like he was poisoned. In fact, Se-Ri Pak herself revealed that ‘Cemetery Bravery Training’ was misguided, but many golfers have tried it since then, including ‘Se-Ri Kids’ who started golfing with admiration for Se-Ri Pak’s success story.

Yang Hyo-jin, a standing soldier of the national team, is an amateur prospect who is attracting attention with a fierce shot that surprises pro sisters whenever she participates in professional competitions that she rarely gets.

At the KLPGA Tour Jeju Samdasoo Masters in 2021, in his second year of middle school, he finished the first round on the first day due to bad weather and passed the cut after a forced march of 35 holes the next day and achieved the best amateur performance. Last year, when she was in her third year of middle school, she took 14th place in the SK Networks/Seoul Economic Daily Ladies Classic and became an amateur champion.

This year, she finished runner-up in the Dream Tour, the second part of the KLPGA Tour, and placed 15th in the Lotte Open, the first part of the tour. He also rose to No. 27 in the amateur world rankings.

Yang Hyo-jin’s driver distance (carry distance) is 220m, which is comparable to that of a professional player, and her iron shots are accurate enough to miss one or two holes on the green.

He is still growing (he is currently 158 cm tall), but the secret to hitting long hits for his physique is that he hits the ball accurately enough that his smash factor (ball speed / head speed) reaches the highest level of 1.5. As much as he is, he has excellent concentration and there is no superfluity in his swing.

Yang Hyo-jin said that she fell in love with the charm of golf, where a white ball flies into the blue sky while following her father, who loves golf, to the practice range. Yang Hyo-jin, who dreamed of becoming a golfer since the second semester of her third year of elementary school, loves golf so much that she has a unique dream of becoming a golfer by the age of 100. He even said, “He is so good just playing golf that he doesn’t get stressed out even when he doesn’t get good grades.”

His mother, Koh Young-lim, said, “I am worried that I will neglect my studies, so if I say that I have to solve all the math problems to practice, he struggles to play golf but solves all the difficult math problems.” There are over 1,000 English children’s books I read since I was young.

His favorite hobby these days is watching a professional baseball game. He said that he came to support KIA Tigers pitcher Yoon Young-chul after watching the TV program ‘Strongest Baseball’. He goes to Suwon and Gwangju after amateur tournaments. He asked which sport would be more difficult, baseball or golf. Yang Hyo-jin said, “It’s burdensome to think that golf is entirely my responsibility, but I think baseball is more difficult because I’m not the only one who is good at it.”

He said, “When my golf performance doesn’t come out well, I find the cause myself in insufficient training or insufficient skills.” The player he influenced the most these days is Kim Hyo-joo (28).

It is said that she was deeply impressed by Kim Hyo-joo while playing together at the SK Networks and Seoul Economic Daily Ladies Classic last year.

At the time, Kim Hyo-joo withdrew from the second round before starting the third round due to her back hurt, but the fans applauded her for her best fight until the end. “She doesn’t complain when she’s not feeling well, and it’s really cool how she keeps the par even when it looks like she’s going to bogey,” she says. A member of the fan club who came to support Kim Hyo-joo from LA said that she promised, “I will definitely go to support her when she comes to the LPGA Tour” after seeing Yang Hyo-jin’s confident appearance playing with Kim Hyo-joo. Her personality is bright and easy-going, so her friend Ja-Ahn Yeon-joo, an amateur, introduces her as “Hyo-jin is a friend who can laugh 24 hours a day without pretense.”먹튀검증

On December 31 last year, at her family event to wrap up her year, Yang Hyo-jin surprised her family by revealing her solid goals.

2023 National Team, 2024 World Amateur Ranking 1st, 2025 KLPGA Tour Rookie of the Year, 2026 KLPGA Tour Grand Prize and Prize Money King, lowest batting award, and active on the KLPGA Tour for 4-5 years and advanced to the LPGA Tour, from the Rookie of the Year to the world He announced the ‘Yang Hyo-jin Project’ to win first place, the Grand Slam, and the Hall of Fame.

And the next goal was interesting. She said, “She is also a commentator like Pro Pak Se-ri, and she also wants to appear on variety programs,” she said.

Yang Hyo-jin, a promising golfer who dreams of such a dream, opens the morning by running 2-3 km from 5 am without missing a day. He runs up and down the 100m stairs of a nearby university several times. It is a place where her college students, her older sisters and older brothers shake their heads every time they climb up.

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