Emphasis on attack soccer again, coach Klinsman “My answer is unchanged, I want to show that this is attack soccer.”

Korean national football team coach Jurgen Klinsmann said at his inauguration press conference, “If we concede 3 goals, we will score 4 goals.” However, as the game goes on, question marks arise over the idea. Coach Klinsman is evaluated as having not yet shown his true colors in two convocations and four evaluation matches since his appointment.

He is constantly being asked about this whenever he gets a chance to meet with reporters. It is the same this time.

Coach Klinsman said at a video press conference with domestic media last week, “For now, I still have strong faith (in attack soccer). My answer remains unchanged.” In response to the question, ‘What kind of football will only Clins show?’, he said, “It’s a good-looking and enjoyable football.” He said again, “I think about how to graft it while watching teams playing aggressive football in the European Champions League.”

He also talked about various thoughts about attacking soccer, such as “You have to quickly spread the ball in front”, “Even if you build up, you have to connect to the second line and connect to the strikers”, “You have to move to the opponent’s goal as quickly as possible”. At the same time, he said, “We have to increase the playing time while creating as many chances as possible.” “We created quite a lot of chances in the last A match. I think it must have been fun and enjoyable when the fans saw it. Of course, it has to bring results. This part is unfortunate,” he said.안전놀이터

Coach Klinsman said, “No matter how many chances you create, it’s useless if you don’t score. Since I was a striker, I know very well that it is difficult to receive positive support from the match results if I do not score in the end.”

Coach Klinsman, who emphasized his will to play offensive football, said, “I will not bring those variables of getting down and defending.” “We have a lot of talented players. If we show scoring in many chances, I think we will be able to show a more aggressive color.” He also said, “I want to show fans and reporters, ‘This is attack football,’ and ‘If you score from a chance, football can change like this.'”

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