“I don’t see myself starting again this year…” The coach says, and why he had to reverse course

“Is there any chance that Seung-won Moon could make the transition back to the starting rotation?” “Maybe going back to the starting rotation this year is….”

From bullpen to starter, back to bullpen and back to starter. It’s a tough 2023 season for SSG Landers’ Moon Seung-won. Can he redeem himself as a starting pitcher?

SSG announced Moon Seung-won as the starter against the Incheon NC Dinos on the 22nd. This is already his second move. To be precise, it was his third after returning from rehab.

After a year of rehabilitation after undergoing elbow ligament splicing surgery, Moon returned in the second half of last year, but due to the team’s circumstances, he spent the rest of the season in the bullpen. The team was worried about the back end without a set closer. Moon had some ups and downs, but he finished the season as a bullpen pitcher alongside Noh Kyung-eun and Seo Jin-yong, and the team won the title.

In preparation for this season, he moved back to the starting rotation. It was the position he felt most comfortable in, and he decided it was the best fit. So he went through spring training and gradually got ready to start pitching again.토토사이트

At the beginning of the season, SSG had an overabundance of starting pitchers: two foreigners, Kim Kwang-hyun, Moon Seung-won, Park Jong-hoon, Oh Won-seok, and rookie Song Young-jin. Moon’s performance was not good. After pitching a perfect eight innings in the first game of the season, he gave up four or more runs in each of the next three games. The team has a lot of starting pitchers. Add to that the fact that one of them, Moon Seung-won, had to move to the bullpen, and it was Moon Seung-won again.

Moon’s move to the bullpen has been quite successful. He’s been a part of a solid bullpen that has been able to hold down the fort. Of course, unlike the beginning of the season, SSG has had a number of holes in their starting rotation. “I don’t think it’s going to happen this year,” Kim Won-hyung said when asked about the possibility of moving Moon back. “I don’t think it’s possible this year,” said Kim Won-hyung. “It’s too much for the pitcher, and it’s not stable for the team.

In the end, however, the scenario of Moon Seung-won starting again became a reality. Right now, SSG is in serious trouble with their starting lineup. Kirk McCarty and Loenis Elias have found their footing, but Kim Kwang-hyun has also struggled in recent games, and Korean starters such as Jong-hoon Park and Won-seok Oh have been unreliable. With Park Jong-hoon dropping back down to the second team, SSG was forced to make two substitutions this week alone, and in an emergency situation where the team had lost back-to-back games and dropped to third place, they had no choice but to turn to Moon Seung-won to stabilize the mound.

It’s a bittersweet moment for Seung-won Moon. It’s time for him to prove his worth as a starter.

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