Only Klins pays attention Korean Europa debut? transfer fee variable

Will Korean midfielder Jens Castrov (20, Germany) stand on the Europa League stage? The Europa League is the UEFA club competition next to the Champions League.

Austria’s ‘Raola’ said on August 21 (hereinafter Korean time), “Sturm Graz wants to recruit Castrov, a talent from Nuremberg in the second division of German football, where Sturm Graz needs to invest more than 1 million euros (about 1.5 billion won) from a few weeks ago. ” reported.

‘Raola’ is Austria’s largest sports media. Austria is ranked 11th in the UEFA league rankings. Sturm Graz is heading straight to the group stage of the 2023-24 Europa League final round of 32.안전놀이터

Born to a Korean mother, Castrov went through stages such as the 2015 youth team, 2018 under-17 team, 2020 under-19 team, and 2021 adult second team in Cologne, Germany Bundesliga (first division), and then loaned to Nuremberg. done.

Castrov scored 2 points and 2 assists in 29 matches in the 2022-23 German 2nd division, going back and forth as a right fullback/wingback/wing and central midfielder as a Nuremberg loan player. It is also noteworthy that a teenager who only turned 20 on July 30 played 67.3 minutes per appearance.

Nuremberg exercised the 450,000 euros (606 million won) purchase option agreed on on loan from Cologne on July 2 of this year and fully recruited Castrov. This season, he played in the opening three games in a row and played an average of 53.3 minutes as a central/attacking midfielder.

‘Raola’ said, “Nuremberg has a clear attitude. If you want to take Castrov, you have a clear position that you will ask for 2 million euros (2.9 billion won),” he said. “There is a big difference in opinion about the transfer fee with Sturm Graz.”

Olaf Leve (45, Germany), general manager of Nuremberg, confirmed that “Sturm Graz is interested in signing a contract with Kastrop.” ‘Raola’ introduced the atmosphere inside the club, saying, “If we receive an offer that meets our own standards, we will immediately hand over the player.”

Castrov played 136 minutes in two qualifying matches for the European Under-19 Championship last March as a member of the German national team. However, he does not rule out the possibility of playing an A match in his mother’s country, such as meeting Andreas Köpke (61), the Korean national team coach, in June of this year.

Coach Köpke is a German superstar who won the 1996 European Football Federation Goalkeeper of the Year and the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) World’s Best Goalkeeper. For Castrov, he is also a Nuremberg senior who played 362 games, including cup competitions, from 1986 to 2001.

Jürgen Klinsmann (59, Germany) The fact that the Korean national team coach sent Köpke coach to Castrov is an excellent choice considering the common denominator of ‘Nuremberg’. It is said that the atmosphere of the meeting was also positive.

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