The future of men’s golf, Wooyoung Jo and Yoobin Jang “We will hang our gold medal in 13 years”

 “I am sure that if I play without regrets, I will win a gold medal.” (Cho Woo-young) “I will return with a gold medal around my neck.” (Jang Yu-bin) “The Future of Korean Men’s Golf” Jo Woo-young and Jang Yu-bin will play in 2022

Hangzhou In an interview with E-Daily on the 22nd, about a month before the opening of the Asian Games, he expressed his determination to win the Asian Games gold medal for the first time in 13 years in Korean men’s golf.

For the two players, the Hangzhou Asian Games are more special than any other game. Last year, he was selected as the Hangzhou Asian Games national team by winning the Hangzhou Asian Games amateur final selection and Korea Golf Association Chief Amateur Golf Championship, respectively. He planned to team up with Lim Seong-jae (25) and Kim Si-woo (28), who are active on the American Professional Golf (PGA) tour, to hunt for the gold medal in the Asian Games. However, the Asian Games, which were scheduled to be held in September of last year, were postponed for a year due to the Corona 19 pandemic, and the plan to turn professional after the Asian Games was twisted. After long deliberation, when he announced that he would postpone turning pro for a year and participate in the Asian Games, this time he began to doubt the skills of the two players.

In the eyes of concern, they harbored even more viciousness. “Let’s show that we have enough qualifications as the Asian Games national team,” he said. As promised, the two players proved themselves by establishing a reputation as ‘professional amateurs’. In March of this year, Yubin Jang reached the top in the first round of the KPGA Srixon Tour (Part 2), and Wooyoung Cho took over the baton by winning the second round. The first part of the tour, the Korean Tour, also had a blast. Jo Woo-young lifted the championship trophy at the Golfzon Open in Jeju in April. It has been about 10 years since Lee Chang-woo won the Dongbu Fire Promy Open in September 2013 that an amateur won the Korean Tour. Not stopping there, Yubin Jang won her second victory at the 10th event of the Srixon Tour in June. Cho Woo-young said, “After winning, I gained confidence. He opened the game, so there is only one thing left to do well in the Asian Games,” he said confidently.

There is another reason why the Hangzhou Asian Games are special to them. This is because it is the last stage to participate as an amateur national representative. Jang Yu-bin said, “I waited a year to see her Asian Games gold medal. She’s going to compete with the mindset that it’s either a gold medal or not,” she said.

This national team is expected to be the best member in the history of the Asian Games, with Lim Seong-jae and Kim Si-woo, who have won 2 and 4 wins on the PGA Tour, and Jo Woo-young and Jang Yu-bin, who have better skills than pros. In addition, there is a cautious expectation that Korean men’s golf, which has been cut off from gold since 2010, will win the gold medal for the first time in 13 years, as well as win two gold medals in the team and individual events.메이저사이트

In particular, Jo Woo-young and Jang Yu-bin attach great significance to participating with the Taegeuk mark. Cho Woo-young said, “As she is representing her country, she does not want to lose to other countries. I am very proud of being a member of the national team,” he said. Jang Yu-bin also said, “Since it is a competition representing the country, that much weight follows. I will do my best with a sense of mission to represent Korea.”

Before the Asian Games, the most important part is physical strength. The coaching staff of the national team said, “If you go to an important game like the Asian Games, you consume more stamina than usual. If you don’t have stamina, you won’t be able to fully demonstrate your original skills, so train your stamina more.” In addition, in the Hangzhou area, the heat continues even at the end of September, when golf competitions are held, so supplementation of physical strength is essential.

Cho Woo-young said that he does image training even when practicing. When he practices putts, he strokes thinking, ‘If you put it in, you get a gold medal, if you miss it, you get a silver medal.’ Cho Woo-young said, “It is effective because you can practice with a sense of tension.” However, I really don’t want to play a game that leaves me with regrets,” he said firmly. In the Asian Games, Jo Woo-young, who has a stable play style, will play the role of ‘housekeeper’, and Jang Yu-bin, who is good at driving, plans to play aggressively.

Our national team will depart for China on the 25th of next month, look back at the practice rounds on the 26th and 27th, and start the first round of the long-awaited Asian Games on the 28th. The Chinese government took measures to allow entry only three days before the start of the game and did not open the course to players in advance, leading to criticism that it was a ‘trick’, but the two players did not care. Starting this week, he plans to participate in the KPGA Korean Tour Gunsan CC Open, LX Championship, and Shinhan Donghae Open for three consecutive weeks to prepare for the Asian Games.

Cho Woo-young and Jang Yu-bin said, “Japan, which is good at detailed play, and Thailand and China, where pros compete, are the targets to be wary of, but in terms of power, we are the best. My goal is to work well with (Lim) Seong-jae and (Kim) Si-woo to win both the group and individual exhibitions,” he said confidently.

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