Kim Joo-hyung tied for 14th on the first day of the Tour Championship… LPGA Ko Jin-young tied for 3rd

Joo-hyung tied for 14th on the first day of the ‘Tour Championship’, the last tournament of the PGA season with 24 billion

won in prize money at stake. [Reporter] Par 5, 18th hole, Kim Joo-hyung, who was in danger by dropping his second shot into the bunker, hit the ball 2m close to the pin and caught a birdie

. Successive putts reduced 3 strokes. Kim Joo-hyung, who received a bonus score of 2 under par and started in 16th place, 8 strokes behind the leader, narrowed the gap with the leading group by 5 strokes as he tied for 14th place . Colin Morikawa showed it in action. Morikawa, who started 24th out of 30, cut 9 strokes with an explosive iron shot and quickly jumped to the joint lead on the first day with 10 under par [ Colin Morikawa / 1R joint lead: 12 or 13 I hit so well today that I joked to my caddy when passing the hole, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever hit so many accurate shots even though I played all four rounds. ‘ Im Seong-jae, who lost, was tied for 26th at 1 under par메이저사이트

In the LPGA , Jinyoung Ko, who had fallen from 1st to 4th in the world rankings in the past month, tied for 3rd place at 3 under par, 3 strokes behind the leader, and jumped into the competition for the championship after a long time. I liked it, but it wasn’t 100%, but I think I did the best I could, and I also shot the best shot in the situation I could.]

World No. 1 Lilia Boo tied for 19th, Jinyoung Ko’s rival Nellie Corda finished the first round with a tie for ninth place.

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