Shin Do-sun, the 2nd chairman of the Chuncheon Citizen Soccer Team, and the Chuncheon Football Association president

Shin Do-seon (59, photo), the head of the Chuncheon City Football Association, was elected as the second chairman of the Chuncheon Citizen Football Club Social Cooperative.

On the 29th, the Chuncheon Citizen Football Team held the ‘2023 2nd Temporary General Assembly of Representatives’ at the Songam Main Stadium media room and elected Shin Do-seon as the new chairman through an anonymous vote. Chairman Shin, who graduated from Chuncheon High School and the Department of Physical Education at Incheon National University, served as the president of the Myeongdong Rotary Club, and is currently the representative of the Hoban dealership of Hyundai Motor Company and the president of the Chuncheon Football Association.메이저사이트

Shin Do-sun, chairman of the board of directors, pledged, “We will operate the organization that has been strengthened since the establishment of the corporation more effectively, and seek and promote various plans so that the Chuncheon Citizen Soccer Team can attract citizens’ participation and interest.” On the other hand, the Chuncheon Citizen Soccer Team delivered a plaque of appreciation to the first chairman Ko Kwang-man for his contribution to the development of the union and promotion to the K3 League.

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