The dream of Lee Ye-rin, a member of the Yongseon North and South Korea unified team and national canoeing team member!

Lee Ye-rin, who won gold and bronze medals in the last Asian Games in Jakarta as a unified team of South and North Korea, will be the only female national canoeing team member at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Reporter Heo Sol-ji met Lee Ye-rin, who chose yet another new challenge.


The 12-person canoe charter team of the unified North and South Korean team crosses the finish line first.

In 2018, Yerin Lee was 19 years old at the time, from the thrill of winning a gold medal to hearing Arirang from the highest point of the podium.

[Lee Ye-rin/At the time of the unified dragon boat team in 2018: “I think it has greater meaning because it shows that we are one.”] Ye-rin

Lee, who applied to be a kayaker and competed in the hastily created single team dragon boat event at the time, later competed in a single-person canoe. Transformed into a player.

[Lee Ye-rin/National Canoe Team Leader: “This is the ‘knee pad,’ and you kneel here and paddle on one side only. (In kayaks, you row on both sides, and this is usually covered up to your waist, right?) Yes!” ]

[Lee Ye-rin/National Canoe Leader: “I had fun doing the dragon boat (which is ridden like a canoe), so the North Korean leader once said to me, ‘I think you’d be good at canoeing.'”] From kayak to charter boat to single-person canoe

. Yerin Lee, who chose a new challenge, is training on the water for more than 6 hours a day.

[Lee Ye-rin: “The first set is now over.

This year’s Hangzhou Asian Games, where there is a possibility of reuniting with North Korean players who were on a single team five years ago,카지노사이트

[Lee Ye-rin/Canoe national team member: “‘Last time we played together, but this time we’ve become rivals?’ “I want to talk about a lot of things like this.”]

We are rowing vigorously toward the goal of becoming the first Korean women’s canoeist to win an Asian Games medal.

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