KPGA Bizplay electronic newspaper opening reduced from 72 holes to 54 holes

The Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour Biz Play/Electronic News Open (total prize money of 700 million won) was reduced to 54 holes due to the course being flooded with heavy rain.

The tournament organizing committee announced that the second round of the tournament, scheduled to be held on the 15th, would be postponed to the 16th and that the winner would be determined through a 54-hole match.

Players ranked in the top 60 in the second round held on the 16th will play the final round on the 17th to determine the final ranking.토토사이트

This year’s KPGA Korean Tour tournament will be held for 54 holes for the second time since the GS Caltex and Maekyung Open in May. In particular, the Biz Play/Electronic Newspaper Tournament, now in its 4th year, has been reduced to 54 holes three times, excluding the 2021 tournament.

The first tournament held at Jeju Tamius Country Club in 2020 was shortened to 54 holes because the second day of play was not possible due to strong winds, and the third tournament held at Blackstone Jeju Country Club last year was also postponed due to strong winds and the ranking was reduced to 54 holes. covered.

On this day, heavy rain fell at the Cosmos Rings in Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do, the venue of the competition, but due to the nature of the reclaimed land, the water on the course did not drain easily.

The tournament organizing committee postponed the second round match, which was scheduled to start at 7 a.m., to 12 p.m. four times to carry out drainage work, but the water did not drain enough to allow for a normal match, so they decided to reduce the number of holes to 54.

KPGA Competition Committee Chairman Kwon Cheong-won said, “Due to the rain that fell from the night before to this morning, the condition was so abnormal that ball relief was difficult within the course. The Competition Committee, course management team, tour operation director, etc. took into consideration the course condition and maintenance time to determine the title. “After consultation with the sponsor, we decided to cancel,” he said.

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