“I feel like I’m getting morning sickness” Kejie 9th Dan suddenly deletes video criticizing Chinese food

Ke Jie (26), 9th dan, the top Chinese baduk star, aroused curiosity by showing a completely different attitude in a short period of time regarding the food at the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games athletes’ village.

On the 5th, Ke Jie posted a video on his SNS complaining about the food at his athlete’s village, saying, “I feel like I’ll get morning sickness after eating this lamb.”카지노사이트

Ke Jie also posted complaints such as “This pork belly has a lot of hair” and “I won’t eat it.” This shows aversion to the food at the athletes’ village.

The video quickly spread online. The problem is that not only the video posted by Kerze but also the shared content was deleted. Circumstances sufficient to raise questions.

Afterwards, Ke Jie ate at another restaurant through social media and said, “Food rich in nutrients will be provided. You will be able to eat the most delicious Hangzhou specialty food.”

Ke Jie is China’s representative Go player. He once led the world Baduk with Lee Sedol 9 dan. He also competed against Google Deep Mind’s Alpha Go in 2017.

At this Asian Games, it is expected that there will be a fierce battle for the gold medal with Korea’s 9th dan Shin Jin-seo, the world’s No. 1 player.

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