‘Control Shot’

Control shots are something that weekend golfers find difficult. This is because they often miss shots because they do not understand simple principles. You must learn control shots to manage your score on the field.

Control shots can be broadly divided into two types. The first thing to do is to control distance with club length. This is how to hold the club down and swing. The ball position and address do not change at all. Just hold the club short and swing. Hold it 1 inch (about 2.54 cm) shorter than usual. The loft will remain unchanged, but the length of the club will be reduced, resulting in less carry distance.

I hold it about 1 inch shorter. This will usually result in your right thumb resting just above the club logo. There are some things to be careful about when swinging. If you hold it short, you will end up topping more than 90% of the time. This is the result of forgetting to hold the club short and swinging. Just swing with the thought of seeing the ball a little longer. You can overcome the difference between the shorter club and your swing center.토토사이트

Here’s how to control the size of your swing. You’ve probably heard a lot about half swing and three-quarter swing. Tour players often hit control shots with roughly the same swing size. As you perform a half swing, your back swing should naturally decrease. What you need to be careful about at this time is that if you swing at the original tempo, it may become too fast. As the back swing is shorter, you need to give yourself some time. I play with the feeling that it catches me a little at the top of the back swing. Start the downswing with the feeling that you have a bit of time to spare. This will allow you to match your original swing tempo.

There is a mistake made when adjusting the distance with the swing size. Some amateur golfers even reduce their swing speed. In this case, it can lead to a really big missed shot. Even when making a control shot, the swing speed should always be the same as the full swing.

Weekend golfers must choose one of two methods when making a control shot. You need to find out which technique is right for you at the practice range. The fall golf season has begun in earnest. We will encourage you to create the best score with precise control shots.Sportainer, former champion with 14 wins in the Korea-Japan Tour

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