LG Jeong In-deok “Competition with Yang Hong-seok? We will create synergy together!”

LG defied expectations last season and took second place in the regular league. Jeong In-deok (29·196cm), who made a surprising performance, contributed to the team’s leap forward. Jeong In-deok, who took the opportunity to show off his pride in a turbulent basketball life, is still burning with extraordinary fighting spirit.

Indeok Jeong was selected by LG in the 2nd round, 6th place, in the 2016 KBL draft. However, he did not show much for two years, took off his uniform and went to the military on active duty. Afterwards, he took a test as a trainee in 2021 and became a member of LG again. Jeong In-deok, who had a difficult time stepping onto the court again, took the opportunity due to Seo Min-soo’s injury and Lee Seung-woo’s poor performance in the 2022-2023 season. He took charge of the team’s dirty work and received the attention of LG coach Cho Sang-hyun.

Last season, Indeok Jeong played in 38 of 54 games, averaging 13 minutes and 9 seconds per game. Jeong In-deok said, “As much as it was difficult for him to come back, he thought there was no place for him to back down and was preparing hard, but the coach looked favorably on him and I think he was given more opportunities than he expected. “I gained a lot of strength thinking about whether I can run like this now or when,” he said.먹튀검증

The actual fight was a great medicine for Jeong In-deok. Jeong In-deok said, “I still lack a lot, but I think my eyes on basketball have opened a little. He said, “It seems like he has adapted to the system to a certain extent and has a bit more composure than when he prepared last off-season.”

Jeong In-deok, who has reached a turning point, also signed an impressive free agent contract. He said, “I showed good performance this season, and I think there is a synergy effect between me and the team. He also had strong faith in the manager and coach. He got another chance through free agency. “He was grateful that he could continue to play basketball,” he said.

He also played with another free agent, Yang Hong-seok. Jeong In-deok said, “When dealing with Yang Hong-seok, it was difficult to stop him because he was a player with very good strength and ability to participate in rebounds and shoot,” and added, “Rather than competing, (Ang) Hong-seok has a role to play and I have a role to play.” “Therefore, if we maximize each other’s strengths, an even better synergy effect will be created,” he expressed his expectations.

Jeong In-deok, who is sweating hard during field training in the Philippines, said, “The Philippine basketball style is quite rough and fast, so I am focusing on playing boldly without falling behind in terms of activity and energy level, but making stable plays without making mistakes.”

The season opens after training camp and a cup competition. Jeong In-deok said, “I wanted to advance to the championship game and feel the atmosphere, but I was disappointed that I couldn’t advance. I hope no one gets injured, and I want to accumulate a lot of wins in the regular league and challenge the championship game again, and show once again who I am as a person.” “I want to,” he emphasized.

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