Will there be a ‘No. 1 in batting average’ without a win in 6 years? … Half of the top 10 scoring averages in Korea and the U.S. have not won

The player currently ranked first in stroke average on the LPGA Tour this season is Kim Hyo-joo. Kim Hyo-joo, with an average of 69.83 strokes, is ranked first in the average strokes category, surpassing Ko Jin-young with 70.01 strokes. What’s interesting about her is that while Ko Jin-young has two wins, Kim Hyo-joo has yet to win the season’s Masugeolgi. This year, no player is as lucky to win as Kim Hyo-joo.

The prize money ranking does not show the player’s exact skills and condition as there are many competitions with large differences in total prize money, but the average number of strokes can be said to tell the player’s true ability.

Although she is not as good as Kim Hyo-joo, her shot sense is the best this year, but there are unexpectedly many ‘unlucky’ players who are not winning.

First of all, among the top 10 players with average strokes on the LPGA Tour, there are six players, more than half, who have not won a championship. Even on the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, there are four players who have not won a championship despite being in the top 10 in scoring average. If you combine the Korean and U.S. women’s golf tours, half of the top 10 players in scoring average are players without a championship.

Kim Hyo-joo, who ranks first in LPGA stroke average, participated in 15 tournaments this year, passed the cut in all of them, and ranked in the top 10 eight times. She ranks second in top ten odds (53%). She has only finished outside the top 20 in three competitions. The most recent player to reach first place in average at-bats without winning was Lydia Go in 2017, and there is a growing possibility that Kim Hyo-joo will repeat that situation.

Ataya Titikkun (Thailand), who surpassed Kim Hyo-joo and ranked first in the top 10 probability (60%), also has no wins this year. He has finished in the top 10 a whopping nine times and ranks third in stroke average (70.17 strokes).

Lin Siyu (China), who ranks 4th in stroke average (70.18), has also finished runner-up twice and 3rd place twice, but has not yet won a championship. Jinyoung Ko is the only player among the ‘Big 4’ LPGA Tour average stroke scorers to win.

Yin Luoning (China), ranked 5th in stroke average, and Lynn Grant (Sweden), ranked 6th, won this year’s championship, followed by Nellie Korda (USA), ranked 7th, Carlota Ciganda (Spain), ranked 8th, and Charlie Hull (England), ranked 10th. ) has yet to win.

Koda, ranked 3rd in the world, finished in the top 6 six times, except once, in the 7 competitions at the beginning of the season, and Siganda, who won 4 out of 4 games at the Solheim Cup, finished in the top 5 four times.토토사이트

Hull, synonymous with extreme swing, is showing extremely polarizing results, finishing second four times and making the cut four times.

On the KLPGA tour, Park Ji-young (70.54 strokes), Lee Ye-won (70.58 strokes), and Kim Su-ji (70.65 strokes), who rank 1st to 3rd in average strokes, all have championship experience. However, 4th place Jeong Yun-ji (70.86 strokes), 5th place Lee So-mi (70.92 strokes), 6th place Park Hyun-kyung (71.05 strokes), and 10th place Kim Min-byeol (71.26 strokes) have not yet won the championship.

The performance of the four players this year is also outstanding. Jeong Yun-ji, who participated in 23 competitions, ranked in the top 10 eight times and in the top 25 15 times. He has made the cut, withdrawn, and been disqualified once, but has never finished outside of the top 40.

Somi Lee had nine top 10 results, eight of which were in the top six, and Park Hyun-kyung, who had the highest prize money ranking at 7th among players without a championship, had ‘top 5’ results six times, including three runner-up finishes.

Kim Min-byeol, who took second place three times and third place twice, is ranked first in the rookie rankings, beating Hwang Yu-min and Bang Shin-sil, who each won one win this year.

It will be quite interesting to see how many of the top 10 average scorers who hit the best shots but have not won a championship will emerge as champions in the remaining competitions.

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