Mourinho revives Lukaku with ‘3 goals in 4 games’… Promotion of recruitment of ‘another problem child’ Sancho

Coach Jose Mourinho is showing interest in recruiting another problem child.

British media ‘Team Talk’ reported on the 26th (Korean time), “AS Roma coach Mourinho wants to sign Jadon Sancho at any cost in the January transfer market.”

The relationship between Manchester United and Sancho has soared sharply this season. Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag said, “Sancho did not perform well in training. “We need to reach Manchester United’s level in training,” was the starting point.

Sancho immediately protested. He said on his SNS, “I trained very well this week. “I believe there is another reason for being excluded from this game,” he protested.메이저사이트

He could not avoid severe punishment. On the 15th, Manchester United announced on the club’s official website, “Sancho will leave the first team and continue personal training until the problem is resolved.”

The relationship between the two sides is heading towards its worst. According to an earlier report by the British Mirror, Sancho was reportedly expelled from all first-team facilities, including the Manchester United restaurant.

Sancho also seems to have no regrets about Manchester United. Sancho refused to apologize to manager Ten Haag and announced his intention to leave the club in the January transfer window.

Among these, Rome reached out. According to this report, manager Mourinho is making desperate efforts to bring in Sancho in the January transfer window.

Mourinho successfully revived the ‘problem child’ Lukaku this season. Lukaku, who was kicked out of Chelsea this summer, has regained his former scoring ability by scoring three goals in four games across all competitions.

A detailed plan to recruit Sancho was even discussed. The media said, “Roma will bring in Sancho in a similar way to Lukaku. “Lukaku took a 55% cut in his weekly salary for his loan move to Roma.”

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