‘PS Elimination -1’ Kim Ha-seong’s best friend’s late regrets “I found the answer now… it took too long.”

Teammate Fernando Tatis Jr. (24, San Diego), who is known to be very close to Kim Ha-seong (28), expressed his belated regrets about the team’s disappointing performance this season.

San Diego lost 1-2 in an away game against San Francisco on the 26th (Korean time). This season, they are 4th in the National League West Division with 77 wins and 80 losses (0.490 winning percentage), and are also 7th in the league wild card race. The ‘elimination number’ that confirms elimination from the postseason (PS) is only 1. This means that if San Diego adds one loss or the top wild card team adds just one win, advancement to fall baseball will be canceled.토토사이트

San Diego showed a belated upward trend, running a team-high 8 consecutive wins from the 14th to the 23rd this season. In response to this, Tatis Jr. said in a clubhouse interview with local American media such as the San Diego Union Tribune, “Now all the pieces are starting to fit together,” and “We’ve always been here, just not as good a result as we are now. This is what we desperately wanted throughout the season.” “I finally found the answer. It’s sad, but the process took too long,” he said, expressing his disappointment with the winning streak that came at the end of the season.

At the beginning of this season, San Diego had a strong starting lineup of Blake Snell (31), Joe Musgrove (31), and Yu Darvish (37), as well as a central batting lineup of Tatis Jr., Juan Soto (25), and Manny Machado (31). It was considered the best in the league. In addition, they also had Josh Hader (29), who is said to be the best closing pitcher in the league.

It’s not just this. When offensive shortstop Xander Bogaerts (31) entered the free agent (FA) market, he had to be signed through a huge free agent contract worth a total of 280 million dollars (approximately 374.22 billion won) over 11 years to add weight to the defense as well as the batting lineup. added.

Thanks to this bold investment, San Diego spent $253,287,946 (approximately 339,025,910,000 won) in total team salary this season, ranking third in the major leagues in this category after the New York Mets and New York Yankees. Although a large investment was made, the results were shabby.

Tatis Jr. said, “At the beginning of the season, the fans’ enthusiasm and expectations for our team were great. We should have done it naturally to lead to good results, but we put pressure on ourselves to produce results to meet expectations.” “I only realized it towards the end of the season,” he said sadly.

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