Following Lukaku, ‘The Grace of Mover?’… Roma, urgently needed to defend, may recruit Dier in winter

There have been claims that manager Jose Mourinho could reach out to Eric Dier, who has become a missing player from Tottenham Hotspur.

Italy’s Calcio Mercato said on the 27th (Korean time), “AS Roma, who are worried about their defense, are thinking about Dier. Chris Smalling is out due to injury, Roger Ibanez went to Saudi Arabia, and Evan Ndica is lacking in defense. “There are a lot of concerns. Coach Mourinho is on high alert as defense leader Smalling’s injury is prolonged,” he said.

Then he mentioned Dyer. He raised the possibility of recruiting Dier by saying, “In the upcoming winter transfer market, Coach Mourinho can recruit Dier, whom he knows well. Dier’s contract expires in 2024 and he is unable to appear in Tottenham games at the beginning of the season.”

As mentioned, Roma has major defensive concerns. With the addition of Romelu Lukaku and the good performances of Paulo Dybala and others, there are fewer concerns about attack, but not defense. This is why they are even considering recruiting Dyer. Dier established himself as a starting player after leaving Sporting and joining Tottenham. He made a name for himself as an all-rounder, playing several positions under coach Mauricio Pochettino. He mainly played as a centre-back, but could also play as a right-back and defensive midfielder.토토사이트

Then, in the aftermath of Jan Vertonghen’s aging, he took over as a center back. After Toby Alderweireld left, he became the defensive leader. He had to lead the defense while working with Davinson Sánchez, Japet Tang Ganga, and Christian Romero. Every manager who came to Tottenham appointed Dier as the center of defense, but he did not meet expectations. Dyer regressed more and more.

It is pointed out that he is the culprit behind the collapse of Tottenham’s defense. Tottenham had a solid defense after Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea in the 2021-22 season, but was the worst last season. It was at a similar level to the relegation zone teams. Dyer was pointed out as the cause. Mistakes were made in every game, and there were many times when lack of concentration became an excuse for conceding goals. Due to inactive defense, there were several scenes that could lead to misunderstandings as if the defender was watching the opposing attacker break through. The ability to throw passes from the back is not bad, but the problem was exposed because the defender was basically unable to defend.

Manager Postekoglou did not view Dier as a resource for Tottenham’s first team. He brought in Mickey van der Pen from Wolfsburg and paired him with Christian Romero. Dier was not in coach Postekoglou’s plans. After the opening of the 2023-24 Premier League (PL) season, consecutive exclusions from the list showed Dier’s standing. There were rumors of a transfer to Bayern Munich, Burnley, etc., but he ended up staying at Tottenham.

Dier’s position within Tottenham is still very limited. Unless center back resources are devastated by injuries, there seems to be no need to use Dyer. Just as he embraced Lukaku, who was hated by all teams and became a duck egg in the Nakdong River, Coach Mourinho may embrace Dier. Having Dier would be a win-win for Roma, who are in a hurry to defend, Tottenham, who want to let him out as soon as possible, and Dier, who wants to play.

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