A ‘shooting monster’ with more determination than anyone else… Will he film a spectacular ‘Last Dance’?

“My team thought my pace was good, so my confidence increased. “This is the last competition for the national team by age group, and I want to achieve great results.”

Jo Young-wook (Seoul Kim Cheon), who was selected as a member of the national team for the Hangzhou Asian Games, said this in front of reporters at the media day held at Paju NFC on the 14th.

The Hangzhou Asian Games men’s national soccer team (hereinafter referred to as Hwang Seon-hong), led by coach Hwang Seon-hong, is on a goal storm and meets the host country, China, in the quarterfinals. Hwang Seon-hong, who scored 21 goals and conceded only 1 goal in the group stage and round of 16, is on a fast track to the gold medal.

While Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart) is the leading scorer in the tournament with 5 goals, Jo Young-wook, who has reached the peak of his goal-scoring ability this season, is backing it up with 3 goals. Just like in Gimcheon, he is showing great off-the-ball movement and is playing the role of Hwang Seon-hong-ho’s problem solver.

This competition will be Cho Young-wook’s last appearance on the national team for each age group. According to the official records of the Korea Football Association, Cho Young-wook played in 82 games as a representative of his age group, including the Asian Games record. He started in 6 games (3 goals) for the U-14 national team, played in 46 games (21 goals) for the U-20 national team, and 30 games (13 goals) for the U-23 national team.먹튀검증

Since his days at FC Seoul, there have been jokes about his team being ‘FC Korea’. As he participated in numerous games, he also left behind outstanding achievements. He surprised the world by creating a ‘finals legend’ at the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup held in Poland with coach Jeong Jeong-yong, who is currently in Gimcheon.

To fulfill his military service obligations, Cho Young-wook enlisted in the military in January and wore the Gimcheon uniform. In his time in Gimcheon, he completely corrected his weak point, ‘goal-making ability’. This season, he scored 13 goals in 28 league games and was the leading scorer in K League 2 before joining Hwang Seon-hong.

Cho Young-wook, who was performing at his best, was likely to be called by coach Hwang Seon-hong, and he actually joined Hwang Seon-hong. In his final age-group varsity competition, he is doing his part. He scored two goals against Kuwait in the first match of the group stage, and scored a decisive goal against Kyrgyzstan in the round of 16, helping the team to victory.

Cho Young-wook now faces a challenge against China, an opponent who cannot let down his guard. As China’s performance in this tournament is inconsistent, Korea is expected to have the upper hand, but since it is the host country, it is expected that a formidable territory will await Hwang Seon-hong. Moreover, since it is a competition without video review (VAR), we do not know what variables may arise.

If he crosses China, the possibility of Jo Young-wook’s ‘early discharge’ becomes even greater. Previously, Hwang In-beom (Olympiacos), who was a military police officer in 2018, completed his military service early by winning a gold medal at the Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang. Attention is being paid to whether Cho Young-wook will grace his age-group national team’s ‘Last Dance’.

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