Chelsea captain in disciplinary crisis for ‘outraging’ referees → FA needs to explain by the end of the month → Chelsea can’t do anything

Chelsea in the English Premier League seems to be a team with no luck. Every day something happens.

Chelsea advanced to the round of 16 with a hard-fought 1-0 win in the third round of the 2023-24 League Cup (Carabao Cup) against Brighton & Hove Albion held at Stamford Bridge in London, England, in the early morning of the 28th. Chelsea, who had been struggling with 1 draw, 2 losses, and no goals in 3 games in September, experienced the joy of their first thrilling win in September.

However, even though I got my first win, it was ‘an honor that only hurt.’ Nicolas Jaksong scored the winning goal for Chelsea in the 5th minute of the second half of the game. Although Jaksong scored the winning goal, he will not be able to play in the next game. He was suspended due to accumulated warnings.

In addition, it is known that left-back Ben Chilwell will not play in the next game. It’s not a warning, it’s because of a hamstring injury. I was injured during the game that day, but played until the end. After the game, coach Pochettino revealed that Chilwell was injured.

Chelsea currently has eight players unable to play due to injury. Christopher Nkunku, Romeo Rabia, and Reece James, who wore Chelsea uniforms during this summer’s transfer market, left the team. In this situation, Chilwell cannot play again due to injury.

There are other concerns as well. Right defender Malo Gusteau, who played against Aston Villa last week, received a red card in the second half and was suspended for two games, so he cannot play in the game.

Another news was delivered to Chelsea, which had been bombarded with bad news. Captain Reece James is at risk of being disciplined. James, who did not even play in the game that day, was asked by the English Football Association (FA) to explain the previous game.

Reece James did not play in the Aston Villa game on the 24th, when Gusteau received a red card, due to injury. Chelsea lost 0-1 that day, and captain James had an accident in the tunnel out of anger.

James, who suffered a shocking loss, behaved inappropriately in the tunnel towards the game officials. Gusteau received a red card and was sent off due to a VAR review. The team lost, the main defender was sent off, and to make matters worse, James was upset because it was an attack.토토사이트

This action violated FA regulations. James was charged by the FA with breaching FA regulation E3. “It is alleged that James used inappropriate, abusive or abusive language towards a match official in the tunnel after the match,” the FA said in a statement. So James must explain these charges by the 29th local time.

James, the team’s captain, suffered a hamstring injury in this season’s opening game against Liverpool. He has made just one appearance so far this season. He was upset because his team’s performance was falling behind and there was only negative news.

Of course, if James behaves appropriately, there may be no disciplinary action, but on the other hand, if the FA imposes disciplinary action such as suspension, Chelsea will face really difficult days to make matters worse.

[Reece James faces disciplinary action from the FA on charges of swearing at match officials after the match against Aston Villa on the 24th. Photo = Getty Images Korea]

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