Toronto’s ‘Flower Road’ WC ranked 3rd, will it be a winning bet for the fall festival?

I intentionally relaxed my strength in the final match. I cherished ace Kevin Gausman. In any case, we couldn’t confirm the wild card second place on our own. Rather, third place was seen as the ‘flower road’. In the end, they lost to the Tampa Bay Rays and ended up in third place as a wild card. ‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin’s team, the Toronto Blue Jays, made a winning bid for the success of the fall festival.토토사이트

All teams that advanced to the major league postseason were selected. The best-of-three wild card series begins on the 4th (Korean time). In the American League, Toronto-Minnesota Twins and Tampa Bay-Texas Rangers will clash. As a result of the final game of the regular season, Toronto ranked 3rd in the wild card, and Texas lost the West Division championship to Houston and slipped to the wild card series.

Toronto avoided the two strong teams in the ‘dreadful’ American League Eastern Division. They were positioned opposite the district champion Baltimore Orioles and wild card first place Tampa Bay Rays. If we had ranked second in the wild card, we would have met Tampa Bay in the wild card series. If they defeated Tampa Bay, they would have to play a division series with Baltimore, which achieved the highest winning percentage (0.623) in the American League with 101 wins and 61 losses this season.

As we reached 3rd place in the wild card, we were able to meet more worthy teams. A wild card series will be held against the Minnesota Twins, the winner of the American League Central Division. Although they fight with the disadvantages of an expedition, they are not far behind in their basic strength. This season’s head-to-head record is also favorable with 3 wins and 3 losses. By having Gausman as the starting pitcher in the first game, they were able to go all out.

If they defeat Minnesota, they will collide with the Houston Astros, who dramatically came from behind to win the West Division, on the road to the championship series. I am full of confidence as I have an edge in head-to-head matches this season with 4 wins and 3 losses. It is definitely a less burdensome opponent than Baltimore, which swept 101 wins. Rather than a matchup between Tampa Bay and Baltimore, going from Minnesota to Houston appears to be a more ‘flowery path’. In addition, avoiding Texas, which fell behind with a record of 1 win and 6 losses in the regular season, is considered good news.

Of course, Toronto does not have the power to overwhelm Minnesota and Houston. Although it looks relatively easier than the ‘Aldong of Fear’ teams, these two teams are also formidable opponents. Attention is being paid to whether Toronto will be able to properly walk down the ‘flower path’ it chose through various complex calculations. First, we have to get over Minnesota.

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