“You will score your first goal today” SON gives goosebumps, ‘center back born in 2001’ debut goal prediction comes true

“On the bus on the way to the stadium, Sonny said, ‘You’re going to score your first goal today.’”

Captain Son Heung-min’s prediction came true. Immediately after Tottenham won a thrilling 1-0 victory in the 8th round of the English Premier League (EPL) Luton Town in the 8th round of the English Premier League (EPL) on the night of the 7th (Korean time) despite being outnumbered 10-11, ‘2001’ scored the league debut and winning goal. ‘Born defender’ Mickey van der Pen mentioned captain Son Heung-min’s goal prediction.

Tottenham, who had gone 7 games undefeated, faced their worst crisis on this day. With the score 0-0 in extra time in the first half, Yves Bissouma received a second yellow card for his Hollywood action. He was sent off for accumulating warnings and was outnumbered. It would have been nice to just keep the draw, but Tottenham, who had not lost all season, had a terrible winning mentality. In the 7th minute of the second half, James Madison, who took over Kulusevski’s pass from a corner kick situation, moved nimbly, shaking up the defensive line. Van der Pen, who followed Maddison’s cutback, wasted no time in hitting the net with his left foot, and Tottenham held on to this one goal until the end and won 1-0, with a clean sheet.

Tottenham was the first to reach 20 points with 6 wins and 2 draws in 8 league games, taking a surprising first place for the first time. Manchester City (18 points) and Arsenal (17 points), who are scheduled to meet on the 9th, were pushed to 2nd and 3rd place respectively. If Manchester City and Arsenal are unable to decide on a winner and draw, Tottenham’s lead could continue until after the international break.메이저사이트

Center back Van der Pen, the hero of the day’s victory and the main character of the EPL debut goal, did not hide his joy in an interview with TNT Sports immediately after the game, saying, “It was an incredible game. I think we showed great mentality as a team.” He smiled and said, “I am really happy to come to the Premier League and score my first goal for Tottenham. I am also happy to have kept a clean sheet, which is the best for a defender.” “I knew that Madison liked cutbacks, so I stood behind him and he gave me a perfect cutback to my left. I just tapped him and the goal went in. It was an amazing feeling,” he recalled the moment of the goal.

He also told the story behind the delightful goal, inspired by Captain Son Heung-min. “The funny thing is, on the bus on the way to the stadium, Soni (Son Heung-min) said, ‘Today we will score your first goal,’ and I said, ‘Maybe so, who knows?’ and actually scored my first goal. It was perfect. did.” Son Heung-min, who is also the captain of the Korean national team, is a player who is good at motivating young players. When Oh Hyun-gyu was substituted out in the international match, a video of him comforting and encouraging the player by saying, “Hyun-gyu, never be disappointed! Next time you’ll get another chance. Let’s prepare well,” was circulated among fans.

Son Heung-min, who played 76 minutes on this day, said, “I think the players are achieving these results by playing with a little more responsibility. In fact, in the Premier League, it is not easy to win the game again after one player has been sent off. The players have a good attitude and “I think we were able to win this game because we played with a good attitude. I’m proud of the players’ sacrifice,” he said, expressing his pride. “Actually, I was very frustrated in the first half. Even though we created a lot of chances, we couldn’t score, so I think we continued to create slightly threatening situations for the opponent. In times like this, let’s be a little calmer, let’s move the ball a little faster. “We talked about these things. The fact that the players played the game with a little more responsibility even when they were missing one player in the second half helped us win the game,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tottenham coach Angie Postekoglou did not budge as Tottenham rose to first place for the first time in the season. He dismissed this by saying “They’re not stupid. It’s only October and being top of the league has no real meaning other than that we’ve started the season well.” “We have worked incredibly hard to be where we are and from my perspective it is good that they are rewarded with results and that can help us grow as a team. We have not achieved anything yet. All we have done is “We’ve just laid a really good foundation. Our goal and ambition is to improve. Can we play better, can we become a better team? If we do that, we’ll see where we go.”

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