Salary plummets by 50%… “It’s embarrassing” MLB coaches earn less than college coaches

Major League Baseball (MLB) managers are suffering from ‘low pay.’

USA Today reported on the 9th (Korean time), ‘The coach represents the team’s voice, represents the team’s brand, and is a messenger who delivers a message to the fans. He is also ultimately the person responsible for the actions of every player wearing the uniform. There are 30 managers in MLB, and they cannot avoid constant swearing, ridicule, and ridicule. He also said, ‘They have another thing in common: underpaid.’메이저사이트

USA Today said, ’15 years ago, there was a time when Joe Torre received an annual salary of $7.5 million (KRW 10.1 billion) as a manager, but this season, manager Dave Roberts, who won the most wins in LA Dodgers history, earned an annual salary of $3.25 million (KRW 4.4 billion). ), which is less than half of that. Manager Brian Snitker, who led the Atlanta Braves to their first World Series victory in 26 years in 2021, has an annual salary of $1.2 million (1.6 billion won),” he said. “There are 6 MLB managers with an annual salary of less than $1 million (1.3 billion won) this year, 1.75 million won.” It was highlighted that there are 15 people worth less than the dollar (2.4 billion won).

Directed by Dusty Baker. Although Coach Baker is a World Series champion coach, he is known to receive a relatively low salary. Getty Images

Considering the salary of a college baseball coach, this is extremely low. USA Today reports that ’10 college coaches receive an annual salary of more than $1.2 million (1.6 billion won). Vanderbilt University coach Tim Corbin ranked first with $2.47 million (3.3 billion won). One MLB manager said, “I’m really baffled. How can college coaches make more than us? This is wrong.” The difference in salary between college football coaches is beyond imagination. University of Alabama coach Nick Saban’s annual salary amounts to a whopping $11.4 million (15.4 billion won). Clemson University coach Dabo Gwinney signed a 10-year, $115 million (KRW 155.1 billion) long-term contract. USA Today reported that ’25 college coaches are receiving an annual salary of more than $6 million (8.1 billion won), twice that of World Series champion coach Dusty Baker.’

According to an agent representing MLB managers, MLB revenue last season reached $10.8 billion (KRW 14 trillion), but manager salaries plummeted by 50%. USA Today said, ‘There are only six coaches expected to receive an annual salary of at least $3 million in 2024: Bruce Bochy, Doug Melvin, Buck Showalter (fired), Dave Martinez, Roberts, and Alex Cora.’ It is losing influence every year. Even if he asks for a big raise in salary, the team will refuse and threaten to find someone else to take his place. He pointed out, “If you are hired as a new manager, you should be grateful just to have a job, even if you are paid less than the minimum annual salary of an MLB player, which is $800,000 (1.1 billion won).”

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