Transfer→Injury→AG Gold→3 goals in A match→Return to PSG after a month, ‘KING’ Lee Kang-in’s explosive growth ‘is ongoing’

Just a month after moving to French giants Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) this summer, Lee ‘KING’ Gang-In (22-Paris Saint-Germain) was sidelined with a left quadriceps injury. Just two games into the season.

The transfer and the injury came at a crucial time. He was about to join the national team for the Hangzhou Asian Games. Lee’s recovery from the injury was a major concern. After a month of rehabilitation since Aug. 20, Lee made his return to action last month in the 2023-2024 European Champions League (UCL) group stage match against Dortmund. Shortly afterward, he joined Hwang Sun-hong’s Hangzhou Asian Games squad.

Lee had just recovered from an injury, so Huang took advantage of the youngster. He didn’t play full time, but rather between 60 and 70 minutes. Lee tried to give his best performance in the limited time he had. In the end, Lee won a gold medal and military service exemption.

Lee did not return to PSG after the Asian Games. He had to join the national team for the A match in October. Thanks to the care he received at the Asian Games, Lee was able to deliver his best performances in the two matches against Tunisia and Vietnam. In the Tunisia match, which saw the absence of Son Heung-min, who was still dealing with the aftermath of a groin injury, Lee emerged as the new solution for the A team. He scored multiple goals. Lee said, “I don’t think I’m a goal scorer. I didn’t feel like I had to score one more goal to get a hat trick,” he said with a wry smile. Against Vietnam, Lee rattled the net with a stunning left-footed shot in the 25th minute of a 4-0 lead.메이저사이트

He’s back at PSG after more than a month away. In a month away from the club for the Hangzhou Asian Games and the A-League, Lee proved to be another ‘growth by storm’ and will be able to contribute to PSG’s murderous schedule. PSG has a grueling schedule, playing a game every three to four days between the league and UCL. It’s still early in the season, but it’s time for some rotation. PSG will be looking forward to seeing Lee return to the club in a much improved form after dominating Asia at the U-24 level.

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