‘Monster high schooler’ Kim Tae-won’s ‘slow feet’ were not a ‘disadvantage’ to European scouts

European scouts don’t see the “slow feet” of “monster high school player” Kim Tae-won (18-Yeongdeungpo Gonggo) as a disadvantage. Kim Tae-won showed off his scoring prowess at this year’s Presidential Geumbae High School Soccer Tournament, where he was the top scorer. With his imposing physique of 1.85 meters tall, he has been touted as the next big striker in Korean soccer. Korean professional clubs and Japanese J-League clubs recognized his talent early on and reached out to him, but none of them were very aggressive with their offers, citing his “slow feet” as a reason. It wasn’t like his peers were able to secure a spot on a professional team early on. He received less attention than his U-18 teammates who were in the professional ranks.

However, in August, a scout from Portimonense, a Portuguese first division club, focused on Kim’s ‘potential’ rather than his ‘slow feet’. The official, who visited Jecheon Sports Complex in Chungcheongbuk-do in August for the final of the 56th Presidential Geumbae High School Soccer Tournament between Yeongdeungpo Gonggo and Boyango, reportedly gave Kim Tae-won high marks for his smooth play and high level of scoring ability after he scored the game-winning goal late in the day. He is said to have evaluated him as possessing the most important skills for a striker.

The official, who was ‘obsessed’ with Kim Tae-won, reportedly immediately approached Yeongdeungpo’s public office and the player’s side to sign him. The three-week tryout was also skipped. Normally, young players going to Europe undergo a local tryout. There are many players who have failed this long and demanding test and have not been able to fulfill their dream of playing in Europe. Portimonense’s decision to “skip” the tryouts showed that they were confident in Kim’s ability to succeed.

Kim Jae-woong, head coach of Yeongdeungpo Public High School, Kim Tae-won, and the players themselves decided to have their “first professional experience” in Europe after considering Portimonense’s training facilities, the club’s vision, and their future careers. Kim Tae-won was especially pleased that Portimonense appreciated his strengths.

Kim Tae-won, who helped Yeongdeungpo Gonggo win an unprecedented six titles this year, will depart for Portugal in early December after completing his studies to take on new challenges. The official announcement of the transfer is expected to come after he joins Portimonense.

It will be some time before he makes his debut in the Portuguese top flight. Like his former Yeongdeungpo High School teammate, defender Lee Ye-chan, who moved to Portimonense earlier this year, Kim is expected to join the Portimonense U-23 team and try to adapt to the local environment. Kim said he promised Kim that he would not return to Korea until he was successful.

“In Korea, you can do 10 things well, but if you do one thing badly, you don’t get a good evaluation. On the other hand, overseas, such as in Europe, even if you have shortcomings, ‘you can make up for them with us,'” he said, advising that the case of Kim Tae-won should be noted.

Portimonense, founded in 1914, is a team where Lee Seung-woo (Suwon FC) and Park Ji-soo (Wuhan) played briefly. Currently, youth international Kim Yong-hak plays for them. Portimonense president Rodini Sampaio, a former agent, is said to be active in recruiting Asian players. Portimonense scouts visited Korea in August and checked out various players. 아톰카지노 주소

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