This is what happens when you complain to the manager…’The 117 billionaire’ leaves Man Utd’s instant messaging service and becomes a proper ‘invisible man’

It’s a good example of what happens when you complain to the manager.

Jadon Sancho, 23, is being treated like an “invisible man” at Manchester United.

On July 7 (ET), British media outlet The Sun reported that “Sancho has been removed from United’s instant messaging. Manager Eric ten Haag and his staff use the messaging platform to send key information to first-team players, and Sancho has been banned from it.

The blade of protest has been turned back on him. In early September, Sancho was left out of the starting lineup against Arsenal in the fourth round of the English Premier League (EPL). “Why didn’t you start him?” was the question asked in the press conference after United’s 1-3 loss. “His performance on the training ground was not up to United’s standards,” said Van Gaal. 캡틴토토 주소

Sancho, who came across Ten Haag’s interview in an article, immediately fired back on social media: “Don’t believe what you see. I trained very well. I think there are other reasons for this issue. I’ve been a scapegoat for a long time,” he dropped the bombshell. It was a nuanced way of saying that he was being treated unfairly by Ten Haag.

But it was Sancho who found himself in a dead end. The word was out that he wasn’t trusted by his teammates. The club backed Ten Haag’s hand. Sancho was banned from the club’s first team facilities. He was even restricted from eating. Sancho was banned from the first-team cafeteria at Carrington Training Center.

In the end, Sancho and Van Gaal could only walk parallel lines. United gave up trying to reconcile the two and decided to sell Sancho. United will have to take a pretty big loss. They spent £73 million ($117.1 million) to buy him from Borussia Dortmund in 2021, but his performances have been below expectations, and his price tag is now valued at around £40 million ($65.9 million). That’s effectively halved from two years ago. Nevertheless, United have once again confirmed that they will sell Sancho in the winter transfer window next January.

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