“Seize the opportunity when it comes” Lee Ho-jun batting coach leaves LG to applaud SSG as head coach

After winning their first Korean Series title in 29 years, the LG Twins are sending their hitting coach, Lee Ho-jun, off with a bang. Lee has reportedly been tapped as the new head coach of SSG.

The SSG head coach position is currently vacant. Kim Won-hyung, who led the team to a wire-to-wire regular season title and Korean Series title last year, was fired with two years left on his contract. SSG finished the season in third place and was swept out of the semi-finals by fourth-ranked NC in three straight games. 아톰카지노

During the Korean Series last year, the team re-signed Kim Won-hyung for a three-year contract totaling 2.2 billion won. However, he stepped down as head coach after just one year.

The SSG team announced the termination of Kim Won-hyung’s contract, saying, “We decided that we need to make changes and innovations, such as changing the overall team operation and player generation. In order to renew the team and transform it into a stronger team that is more loved, change was inevitable,” the club said.

SSG then created a shortlist of new coaches. LG batting coach Lee Ho-joon, who led the SK dynasty in the mid-2000s, was the top candidate and was reportedly selected.

SSG said that Lee was on the shortlist, but after the news broke, the club said, “We haven’t interviewed him yet. We still have to interview other candidates,” he said.

Inside LG, it is believed that the hitting coach has been contacted by SSG and will leave to become the head coach of SSG. The LG organization is sad to see Lee go, but will applaud his departure. With LG having won the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years, the departure of a key coach is not a big deal.

“I told Coach Lee Ho-joon to take the opportunity when it comes,” Cha Myung-seok told reporters after the Korean Series win on March 13. He had already guessed that he would leave for SSG.

Yoon Kyung-yeop’s opinion is no different. He was very supportive of his junior’s decision to coach his home team. “I told him to make a good decision (when the offer came). I told him that if he wants to take on the challenge, I will help him as much as I can,” he said. “I told him that if he wanted to take on the challenge, I would help him as much as I could,” he said.

The season ended with LG winning the Korean Series, and now it’s time for SSG’s new coach to be announced.

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