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The city of Lawton, Oklahoma has a known history dating back to 11500 BCE when prehistoric American Indians were believed to have first settled the area. It was not until the 16th century that Western explorers came to the region, and in the 18th century Oklahoma was under French control as part of Louisiana.

The Louisiana Purchase and the establishment of Fort Sill Military Reservation in the 19th century proved to be a turning point for the state of Oklahoma. The state was freed from French control and Fort Sill Military Reservation largely supported economically what is now known as Lawton and gave the area population stability. Lawton continues to rely heavily on Fort Sill, though the city is increasing its focus on different industries including manufacturing, health care, and retail.

Military Service and Divorce: A Look at the Statistics

Oklahoma has notoriously had a higher divorce rate than other states. Some statistics have shown that civilian and military divorce combined, our state has a divorce rate of 13.45% – the highest in the nation.

Lawton is home to many of those who have or are currently serving in our military, some who operate out of Fort Sill, and who are married. While many of these marriages will thrive, statistics have revealed that those who serve in the military have a higher divorce rate than civilians.

  • The military divorce rate over the 2013 fiscal year was 3.4%
  • The Enlisted troop divorce rate was 3.8%
  • The Air Force divorce rate was 4.3%
  • The divorce rate for military women was 7.2%

How Legal Separation Differs from Being “Separated”

Married couples who are having a hard time may choose to separate from one another prior to agreeing to a divorce. They typically want to see how they will handle living apart, or they may want to seek counselling to see if they can salvage their marriage.

When it becomes clear that both spouses would prefer to be separated rather than live together, they can enter into what is known as a “separation agreement”. It is important for couples to understand that the separation agreement does not mean that the couple is legally separated. It simply means that the couple is currently separated. The agreement will also outline how the couple wants child custody, support, and the division of property will be handled.

A legal separation, on the other hand, is a court order which declares that a couple is officially and legally separated. It does not mean that a couple is legally divorced (meaning they cannot remarry), though both parties involved in a legal separation will need to obtain a judgement on the same issues you would deal with in a divorce (i.e. alimony, child support, etc.).

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