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The capital of the state of Oklahoma is the aptly named Oklahoma City, an area which an estimated 2 million individuals called home as of July 2014.

Oklahoma City has always been a well-populated area. Upon its founding during the Land Run of 1889, the population grew to over 10,000 inhabitants within hours of it being founded.

Oklahoma City is massive in terms of land area, being the eight largest in the entire country. A number of important sites and federal government outfits are run from the city, including the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center and the Tinker Air Force Base in southeast Oklahoma City. This base is the largest military air depot throughout the United States and is one of the primary maintenance and deployment facilities for both the Air Force and the Navy. It is also the second largest military institution in the State of Oklahoma.

When “I Do’s” Don’t Work Out

It is estimated that over 43% of those living within the borders of Oklahoma City are married couples. A number of the married couples we have counseled at the law office of Rick Dane Moore & Associates are military couples who are training or working at the Tinker Air Force Base or other military offices. What these individuals often do not know are the different rules and stipulations which surround a military divorce.

The Difference Between a Military Divorce and a Civilian Divorce

Because either yourself or your spouse is active in the military, a number of factors will be affected differently than if yourself or your spouse were not serving out country.

Military divorce impacts:

  • Where you can legally file your divorce
  • How your support will be calculated
  • How custody and visitation of your children will work
  • Your pension rights and the rights to other benefits you may receive

Where to File: Generally speaking, military couples must file for divorce in the state where they are a resident or domiciled. Both spouses may also be allowed to agree on a state in which to file the divorce.

Support for Spouses and Children: Support is taken very seriously by the military, and failure to provide support may result in sanctions (including being separated from military service). The calculations will be different for military spouses, something which our experienced family law attorneys at Rick Dane Moore & Associates advise and counsel clients about.

Custody and Visitation: Being part of the military or having a spouse who is has a huge impact on custody and visitation. From frequent relocations to future deployments, spouses must do their best to protect their rights to see and be with their children during and after a divorce.

Pension Rights and Benefits: All benefits – including pension, life insurance, and medical – are subject to division in a divorce.

At the Rick Dane More our attorneys have been personally involved in, or had experience within, the military, making military divorce a special passion of ours. We have the experience necessary to handle complications and unique situations, having three distinct branches of military represented within our law firm.

If you need help with your military divorce, we invite you to give us a call at (405) 366-0373 today.

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