Adoption Lawyer in Norman, OK

What is the process for adoption in Norman, Oklahoma?

If you’re looking to adopt a child, you probably have a lot of questions about the process, about the law, and about what kind of outcome to expect. You’re a kind and nurturing person, and willing to make sacrifices to make a child’s life better.

Mr. Moore has five children and children’s growth is at the center of his life. A great many of the cases he takes are about making sure children have the best possible family arrangements and futures.

What is the legal process for adoption in Norman, Ok?

Adoption is a rather straightforward legal process, and more so if there is agreement of all those concerned. There aren’t many steps you have to take, especially if you know the biological parents and they’ve agreed that you should adopt their child. We are here to walk you through every step of the way, to make sure that you can welcome your new child into your home as quickly and painlessly as possible.

First, you will need to file a Petition for Adoption with the Court. You will have to submit information to the Court showing that you understand that you are agreeing to become the parents of the child, and that you know what it means to be a parent. You will have to submit documents to the Court that show your ability to be parents.

If the biological parents agree to the adoption, they will need to appear before a judge and consent to the adoption. There are papers that they will have to sign in front of a judge that state that they agree to you adopting the child, and that they understand that this means they will no longer have parental rights. If the biological parents do not agree to the adoption, or if one of them doesn’t, then their parental rights will have to be terminated by the Court before the Court will allow you to adopt the child.

Once you have filed your Petition, and the parents’ rights are terminated, you will have to submit to some background and other checks. The Court will issue an order allowing the child to stay with you temporarily and may require that the Oklahoma Department of Family Services or some other entity checks in with you for a year to be sure that you and the child are adjusting to your new life together. The Court might require other review hearings or require you to have background checks or other things before signing a final order allowing you to adopt the child.

After you’ve completed all the steps required by the Court, the Court will issue a final adoption order, which states that you are the parents of the child and gives you all the duties and rights of parents.

What are common obstacles I might face in adoption?

Some common obstacles you might face in your adoption are the requirements of the Court for background checks and housing inspections, or if one or both parents of the child object to the adoption.

Oklahoma law requires every adopting parent to participate in a pre-placement home study to find out that your home is suitable for a child, and to make sure that nobody in the home has been convicted of certain felonies which are considered dangerous for children. You will have to arrange for this home study and pay separately any costs associated with the home study. You will also have to take any steps the people doing the home study recommend in order to be sure that your home is suitable for a child.

The Court may also require each adoptive parent to participate in a background check through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Certain felony or other convictions can make you ineligible to adopt children in Oklahoma. If anyone who lives in your home has been convicted of any of these felonies, you might not be allowed to adopt a child. These felonies include physical assault, domestic abuse, battery, and drug-related offenses, child abuse or neglect, any crime against a child, and any other violent crimes. Additionally, a child cannot be placed in the home of someone who is a registered sex offender.

The birth parents of the child either have to consent to the adoption and fully relinquish their rights as parents or have to have their rights terminated by the Court. In many cases, one parent will consent to the adoption, but the other may not want to allow someone else to raise their child. We can help to walk you through any difficulties that might come up, and can explain each step to you in detail so that you are comfortable with the process and understand what you need to do every step of the way. If the birth parents voluntarily consent to you adopting their child, we will appear in court with them, if necessary, to ensure that they do everything they need to do to complete the adoption.

Why is your Norman adoption Attorney the best choice for an adoption case?

After you decide to retain us, we are available to come to your community to meet with you. We are not like most adoption lawyers out there. We give our clients our cell phone numbers and are generally available to answer questions or deal with concerns as they arise. We understand that not all questions occur during business hours, and that the most important thing to you right now is looking out for your new child.

What is your experience with adoption cases in Oklahoma?

Our Norman Family Law firm has over thirty years combined practice in the legal field, and has helped many families to achieve their dreams of adopting children into their homes. We know that there are lots of things that you don’t know about the law, and that this can make you feel nervous or unsure. We are here to help you, day or night, and to take away your stress and anxiety during this exciting period in your life.

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