Civil Appeals Lawyer in Norman, OK

When you’ve had your day in court, and haven’t gotten the results you feel you deserve, the next step in the process is to appeal to a higher court. Courts are made up of people, and people can make mistakes in their decisions or in how things are handled. Our firm has over thirty years of experience writing appeals.

Rick Dane Moore has also worked as an intern in the Oklahoma Supreme Court.
In order to appeal to a higher court, we will need transcripts and pleadings from your original case. This will help us to decide what to say when writing the appeal, and how best to help you to get the results you want. Many times, a case can be appealed and won on appeal because of one wrong decision by a judge about a piece of evidence, or because the jury wasn’t instructed on the law correctly. We need to know exactly what happened in your initial trial, and the trial transcripts and pleadings will tell us these things.

We will read the transcripts, and explain to you what we think is the best way to make an appeal. We will write appeals to the higher court and file all the necessary paperwork to make sure that your right to appeal isn’t waived. Often, you must act quickly after getting back your verdict in trial court to be sure that you have time to make an appeal. If you feel that your trial wasn’t fair, or if you feel that justice wasn’t served, do not hesitate to contact me and to begin the appeal process.

We will work with you to see that justice is done and that your rights are protected.