Wills, Trusts, Estates & Probates

Death is inevitable. So are the processes that surround it. It is always best to have a written will or trust that dictates how your property will be divided, and how you will make your final directives. This can be a very useful legal tool, as it can simplify the lives of your loved ones once you pass away, and can put your heart at ease knowing that you have done your best to ensure this.

While attending law school, Rick Moore took a special interest in studying wills and trusts. Over the years, he has represented many clients in lawsuits involving wills and trusts. He has learned how to avoid potential problems and understands how to properly draft wills and trusts at your direction so that when you or your spouse passes on, there will not be a great financial or administrative burden of probate and excessive taxes to be paid by your estate or heirs.

We will personally and patiently go over with you step-by-step all the requirements to give you peace of mind that your final wishes will be fulfilled.

We will start by examining any former wills or trusts (or prenuptial agreements) you might have created. Then we will make a list of all your assets and property of all kinds, and you will designate your beneficiaries and heirs. We will explore the best options so that your intentions are carried out and your loved ones are protected. We will discuss such issues, among others, as final health-care directives, estate taxes, bank accounts, pension plans, business interests, insurance, real and personal property, and life estates.

Be assured that we know how important these matters of life and death are to you. As a fifth generation Oklahoman, Rick Moore has experienced firsthand what happens when messy estates are left to administer. It is always best to handle these matters before you become ill or believe anything is going to happen to you. That way you and your family are prepared and protected in case of a worst-case scenario.

When you retain our firm, your problem is our challenge and we will listen closely to you, research the issues, and resolve any questions to your and the law’s satisfaction.